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Offering the most experienced and best equipped scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands – Dive BVI is your best choice for diving, snorkeling, and day trip experiences!

We specialize in fun!  From private SCUBA instruction to a fun-filled day on the water with 30 of your friends, Dive BVI will deliver the white glove service you deserve on a hard earned vacation.  Our professional team showcase a variety of experiences including: Closed-circuit Rebreather, Full Face Mask, Tech Diving, Multi-lingual, Freediving and more!  As the ONLY SSI Instructor Training Center (Diamond Status) in the Northeast Caribbean, we can turn your dream of living and working in paradise into reality.  Can you imagine having the beauty of the BVI’s waters and islands as your classroom while you learn what it takes to be a professional SSI Dive Instructor?

We are committed to diver safety, small diver to dive-leader ratios, world-class Scubapro dive equipment and respect for the marine environment. We have a very experienced staff that looks forward to diving with you and sharing their love of the BVI and its waters.  We are a dynamic, fun-loving and professional dive, snorkel and day trip company.  Dive BVI sets the standard in BVI scuba diving and snorkeling experiences.


With immaculate beaches, great diving, perfect sailing, and more, Virgin Gorda BVI offers the perfect getaway among ‘Nature’s Little Secret’; even better, you won’t find large throngs of tourists because getting here is a bit more adventurous than the usual group of tourists want to sort out (no direct flights from the USA, Canada, Europe or South America to the Terrence B. Lettsome Airport / EIS, our main hub). We’re just fine with that!

Please remember that every person returning to the USA needs a valid passport for entry. Check out the following information and let us know if you have questions.

From San Juan, Puerto Rico / SJU:

San Juan, Puerto Rico is the most direct way to the BVI. A number of airlines and charters connect there (Cape Air, Air Sunshine, Seaborne Airlines, Liat, etc). You may contact Fly BVI if you prefer a private charter.

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Are you planning a cruise to the Caribbean? Cruise ships who stop in Tortola, BVI give guests the opportunity to
getting to dive bvi
With immaculate beaches, great diving, perfect sailing, and more, Virgin Gorda BVI offers the perfect getaway among ‘Nature’s Little Secret’;
BVI Weather
The British Virgin Islands are blessed with cool trade winds and warm blue water. Our average daily temps are 80

Beautiful conditions at the RMS Rhone today! Our lucky divers enjoyed great viz and loads of fish this morning. 💙💙💙
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Snorkel Adventures!!! Great time with guests from the good ship Windsurf! Beautiful day at the dogs on Chimney & Mountain Point 🤩
Our view from the top is as beautiful as the view from the bottom so jump right in!! 🤿
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Hang on!! It’s almost Friday! 🐙🥴
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📸 @jeffmcnutt

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This team hasn’t stopped… literally non-stop every day… since early December and last night we FINALLY had a chance to celebrate the holiday with our staff Christmas party 🎄We hope everyone who visited us (and those who couldn’t this year) had an amazing Holiday and Happy New Year!
On a personal note - this team is so special and they are deeply appreciated and loved. There is no Dive BVI without each and every one of them ❤️💙 - Casey, Jeff, & Jim
#merrychristmas #happynewyear #dreamteam #divebvi #staff #divelife

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3 boats, 3 captains, 2 crew & 1 great day out for all, Happy Boxing Day - from your Dive BVI Crew!
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This view never gets old 🌅
Happy Holi-daze 🤩🥂
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This is only a tiny part of the magic of our underwater world! Join us! Dive Tours, Scuba Lessons, Day Trips, Dive & Stay Packages - all in one spot!
Make 2023 your ADVENTURE year!!
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And here we are folks! Getting back to business with fresh paint, upholstery, equipment, and more! We have missed you and we’re ready to see you again soon!
Check out Sea Bandits brand new upholstery! She’s ready to take you out for the best time in the BVI! Book your day trip, Island Hopper and Dive Trips now! Operators are standing by 😉☎️
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🍁 Fall in the BVI! 🍁
Thanks for the video@stellamendo ☀️
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Join us next Saturday for a day trip to Cooper Island Beach Club for their Rum Fest! Spaces limited, contact us to book🍹

Book your ferry over to Cooper Islands RumFest this Saturday, 12th November. Limited seating!

Tortola (Village Cay) to Cooper Island departs 11:30am returns back 5:30pm - $35 round ticket
(Bookings required to secure your spot - limited seating)
Book at info@cooperislandbeachclub.com or +1 284 343 4949

Sail Caribbean Divers
Tortola (Hodges Creek) to Cooper Island departs 8:00am returns back 5pm - $30 round ticket
(Bookings required to secure your spot - limited seating)
Book at info@sailcaribbeandivers.com or +1 284 541 3483

Virgin Gorda (Spanish Town) to Cooper Island departs 11am returns back 5:30pm - $50 Round Ticket($40 Resident)
(Bookings required to secure your spot - limited seating)
Book at info@divebvi.com or +1 284 541 9818

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And now you know!!! “Butt Lungs” 😳
#Repost @waterlust
Yes and yes, sea cucumbers are animals and breathe out of their butts.

It’s a sea cucumber special this week for #whereintheworldwednesday !

Sea cucumbers may be the most unassuming yet fascinating animals! They look like a plant and are named after cucumbers, but they are actually animals! They are echinoderms, the same as starfish and sea urchins!

Aside from butt breathing, another fun fact is that they will expel their organs at predators! And they can just grow back any organs that were lost.

What curious little creatures!

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As TS Fiona pays us a visit, we’ll be closed at all Dive BVI locations on Saturday and Sunday (17th-18th). Please email for trip and reservation inquiries. info@divebvi.com
Thank you!
Dive BVI Team

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Capt. Steve is out on Sea Bandit and got captured on the SDB webcam! The guests are getting a little Rum & Relaxation at Soggy Dollar Bar this afternoon. They had it all to themselves today! #myoffice #whyisalltherumgone #divebvi @soggydollarbar @worldcat_boats ...

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Time to explore!!!! 🤿🫧🪸
Join us for daily trips from @scrubisland_bvi #divebvi #divetrip #diveboat #britishvirginislands #getdown #underthesea #scuba #scubalife

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“Surface Interval” 🫧
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