Dive BVI has relationships with a number of hotels in the area. Looking for the perfect getaway? Visit these wonderful resorts and villas for the perfect place to relax! Each of the following links* will open a new window to the resort’s home page (where available):

In addition to these locations, there are numerous villas available for weekly rentals. Ranging from small budget-minded spots to beautifully-landscaped 5 bedroom villas, Virgin Gorda has a wide selection of places for you and your family. Due to the island’s size, you can’t really pick a bad spot as everything is within easy reach. Rental vehicles are available for hire from numerous dependable companies. They’ll even meet you at the ferry dock or airport with prior arrangement.


Planning a yachting adventure of your own? Bareboaters can easily book diving tours, certification checkout dives, and Try Scuba Diving classes at our multiple locations throughout the holiday itinerary! Call or email us to arrange your diving around your sailing adventures. More info…


A truly unique way to see the islands, crewed yacht charters offer a wealth of options for almost every budget. You’ll be served gourmet meals, cocktails and pampered beyond your expectations. We work alongside your captain and crew to schedule rendezvous diving directly from your yacht!

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