Try Scuba Diving

Have you ever wanted to know what’s below that beautiful water?  Dive BVI can get you there in just a few hours!  We offer a great opportunity to those who want to experience the underwater realm without committing to the time for a full Open Water Certification Course.

This “resort” course is designed to give you the opportunity to try out Scuba Diving under the direct supervision of one of our professional instructors. After a brief session covering the basic theory of scuba, you get the opportunity to try out the equipment in shallow water while learning some basic scuba skills such as mask clearing and how to equalize your air spaces. The course concludes with a shallow dive on one of our beautiful reefs guided by one of our pro staff. The dive portion can be repeated any number of times without having to repeat the theory and shallow water training.

Try Scuba Diving is an abbreviated experience class that gets you underwater in only a couple of hours!  This class is made up of 3 parts:

Diving the BVI


You will enjoy some fun videos and classroom discussion with your instructor reviewing the skills and safety aspects of scuba diving. We give you all the information you’ll need for your first scuba dive with the instructor.

Water Skills

You’re breathing underwater! This part of your class gets you into the gear and under the surface. Your instructor helps you learn important skills to dive and reviews safety protocol to make your experience safe and fun.


After your fun class you’re ready to dive!  You will take the plunge with your instructor to a limited, shallow depth and see an amazing underwater world.

Try Scuba Diving is available for anyone 10 years and older with the completion of the requirements of a Medical Questionnaire.  Confirmation of a Try Scuba Diving reservation must be accompanied with the completed required Medical Questionnaire.