Has it been a while since your last dive?

Are you looking to regain that confidence and comfort you once had as a diver?

That’s okay, we’ll help you get back in the swing of things and you’ll be back underwater in no time!

We want you to feel ready to go diving with us and this is a great way to do it before jumping in and seeing the beauty of the RMS Rhone shipwreck.

An Oral Refresher is a mandatory brief Scuba review for a Certified Diver who hasn’t been diving in over 2-3 years and does not have many logged dives.

An Informal Refresher is required when it has been between 3-5 years and you have less than 8 dives.  This will consist of a basic review of Safe Diving Practices and some skills practice in the pool.

If the amount of years since your last dive is over 5 and you have less than 8 dives, then you will need to complete a Scuba Skills Update which consists of an academic and Safe Diving Practices review of Scuba Diving and skills practice in the pool.

A Scuba Skills Update provides you with the opportunity to review and practice necessary scuba skills that you learned in your original Open Water Diver program under the guidance of an SSI Dive Professional. The Scuba Skills Update is often a required for continuing your diving training after a long period of time away from the sport. You will be issued an SSI Scuba Skills Update digital recognition card.  This digital card is viewable in the free MySSI App.

We recommend that anyone who has been out of the water for an extended period to participate in our Scuba Skills Update program.  This is a great way to shake off the cobwebs and practice important skills with a professional Instructor.

Certified divers under the age of 11 require a mandatory Oral Refresher

More than 250 dives logged (with proof) do not require refresher, however, we would always recommend at least an Oral Refresher if it has been longer than 5 years since your last dive.