RMS Rhone line drawing

The RMS Rhone

Built - 1865 - Cornwall, England
Sank - 1867 - Salt Island, BVI

A dive to be remembered on a Wreck to be cherished

Dive Trips

2 Tank Morning Dives available on demand

Snorkeling Trips

1 Tank Afternoon Dive or Snorkel available on Saturdays

Night Dives

Night Dives are available upon request

If you only have time for one dive trip in the BVI, the RMS Rhone is it. Dive BVI has been leading dives on this spectacular wreck since 1975. Numerous artifacts deposited on October 29, 1867 are still visible today. You’ll also see where the 1977 film classic The Deep was shot and get to swim through the amazingly intact bow section as well as under the stern near the large 15 ft propeller. You really get a feel for the size of the RMS Rhone when you swim down the length of the massive driveshaft towards the engine box and gears. No matter how many times you dive on the Rhone, you can still find something new.

The Dive Plan:

At least two dives are required to experience all the Rhone has to offer. Your first dive is 25 – 30 minutes at 75 feet on the bow section. After your mandatory 3 minute safety stop, you’ll enjoy a nice surface interval and be treated to the story of the Rhone. This is probably the most educational surface interval of your life! Our instructors have put a lot of research into the history of this ship and take great pride in their story-telling abilities! You’ll learn a lot about the Rhone, the BVI, animal life, and many other things from them. Don’t forget to keep a weather eye out for one of our numerous turtles! They’re known to pop up right next to the boat so keep your camera ready!   DiveBVI_RMS_Rhone_turtle

The second dive begins at 70 feet in the mid section where you’ll see a set of giant marine wrenches (”spanners” for our British guests).  A giant green moray and several octopus live in this portion of the wreck. It’s generally considered good luck if you see one of them on your dive. Then it’s off to see the incredible variety of artifacts that still remain on the wreck after 155 plus years.

Why We Dive It:

This wreck has been featured in most, if not all, of the scuba magazines out there. National Geographic, BBC, and The Travel Channel have all been here to see what it’s all about. Combining the Rhone’s history with our staff’s passion for diving the wreck makes for a fun and exciting day on the water.  We offer several opportunities each week to experience the beauty of this shipwreck, both morning and afternoon trips.

Want To Learn More:

Interested in learning more about Wreck Diving?  Check out our SSI Wreck Diver Specialty course!

We also offer Night Dives on the RMS Rhone.  This is a fantastic way to see what goes on at night on a fantastic wreck.  Lobsters, eels, and turtles make for some great dive buddies.  We provide the lights, the boat, and the fun-loving crew.  You’ll enjoy a slow guided dive around the middle and stern sections of the wreck as we try to find the giant sleeping turtles, nudibranchs and basket starfish for you.  A night dive on the RMS Rhone is definitely one to remember.

A fascinating tale to be sure!  To schedule your RMS Rhone adventure, email [email protected] today!

Interested in learning more?  Check out our SSI Wreck Diver course.  It’s educational, fun and easy to do on vacation!

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