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Offering the most experienced and best equipped scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands – Dive BVI is your best choice for diving, snorkeling, and day trip experiences! From private SCUBA instruction to a fun-filled day on the water with all of your friends, Dive BVI will deliver the white glove service you deserve on your hard earned Caribbean vacation.  Our dedicated team look forward to sharing their love of the BVI, both above and below the surface of our beautiful waters!  We’ve been running dive trips and offering SCUBA training for 49 years on Virgin Gorda (14 years on Scrub Island) and we’d love to have you join us for some amazing BVI fun in the sun!

Our professional Instructors are ready to work with you to improve your diving knowledge, skills and comfort.  We have set up our custom dive boats with diver comfort and safety in mind. With a wide variety of dive sites, you’ll find amazing reefs, fish and critters to enjoy in the BVI.  Our policy of small dive groups on big boats means more room for you to relax and enjoy yourself while in the BVI.

Let’s go diving!  Let’s go snorkeling!  Let’s go explore our Beautiful BVI!

Hours of Operation:

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour location –  Daily dive trips going out with 3 divers minimum/6 snorkelers required. Open 7 days a week from 8am-5pm.  We offer 2 tank morning trips and 1 tank afternoon trips.  We have a great variety of day trips weekly for those guests who want to get off the island for a day.

Scrub Island Resort & Marina  location is open daily from 8 am – 5 pm.  We offer 2 tank morning trips and 1 tank afternoon trips, along with Try Scuba sessions in the beautiful resort pool.  Day trips depart from our Marina store location.

You can reach us via local BVI at 284-541-9818 and via Whatsapp.  We are able to offer Airfills at all of our locations for $10/tank.  Please remember, we need to see proof of diver certification for that.  Scuba and snorkel gear rentals are also available for our guests on island and for our friends on charter boats with pickup/drop off available at our Scrub Island Resort & Marina location as well as Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour.

RMS Rhone sponges

Dive with us in the


From the healthy coral reefs of the Dog Islands to the famous wreck of the RMS Rhone, you are sure to find what you have been looking for in diving.  Top Wrecks, Top Snorkeling, and Top Beginner Diving awards 7 consecutive years show that the word has gotten out.

Scuba Courses & Training


With our variety of class times and course fees, you can pick what fits your schedule and budget. We offer personalized training and practice time to make sure you are truly comfortable with the skills and equipment you need underwater. The SSI Open Water Diver certification is recognized worldwide so your diving experiences will be limitless.

SSI Diamond ITC
Dive boat at beach

Day Trips & Excursions with


Dive BVI Boat Trips offer something for everyone. Check out our array of day trips, flawlessly crafted for maximum BVI fun, or contact us about private charters, and we’ll help you customize the island day of your dreams.  We love getting out on the water!


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Funtastic group of divers today! We explored Chimney and Joe’s Cave out in the Dog Islands.  From tiny blue tangs (which are yellow) to a large octopus eating a crab, we had a lot to see today.  The spotted eagle ray came and circled the group for several minutes!  An amazing day and we all had a great time!
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🎥 by @jeffmcnutt
Wrecktastic conditions at the Rhone today!  Amazing viz, good divers and lot of critters.  We saw sharks, dozens of lobsters, stingrays and one of the best wrecks you can dive.
#rmsrhone #wreckdiving #divetrips #scubadiving #divebuddies #ocean #boatdiving #britishvirginislands
Chikuzen was loaded with fish today! Flat seas so we did 2 dives on the wreck and it was busy.  Summer may be hot, but that’s when we can head offshore and explore this sunken oasis.
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World Sea Turtle Day, June 16th, is a day used to honor and highlight the importance of sea turtles. These creatures, like any other creature, are magnificent in their own way. Not only are sea turtles beautiful animals, but they also show incredible perseverance and resiliency – after all, they have been nesting on beaches for millions of years. So of course they deserve their own day dedicated to their awesomeness!

World Sea Turtle Day would not be rightfully celebrated without mentioning, Dr. Archie Carr, Sea Turtle Conservancy’s founder and “father of sea turtle biology.” World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated the same day as Dr. Carr’s birthday, June 16th. Dr. Carr will forever be remembered for the enhancement of the sea turtle conservation movement and the legacy he has left behind. His research and advocacy brought attention to the threatening conditions that continue to impact sea turtles today. His work highlighted the issues and helped create the community that continues to strive for a better life and future for sea turtles around the globe.
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