Avast ye landlubbers!  It’s time to dive the plank!

The Willy T, formerly moored in the Bight at Norman Island, has been reborn as the newest dive site in the BVI.

This former floating restaurant/bar and the center of so many fun BVI stories was washed ashore during Hurricane Irma in September 2017.  Beyond the Reef, a local non-profit specializing in creating artificial reefs, spent several months transforming the ravaged vessel into a pirate themed underwater playground.  There are pirates on the decks for great photo ops and lots of pirate paraphernalia for divers to explore.  Make sure you check out the fish in the crow’s nest!

The Willy T now sits just off of Key Bay at Peter Island.  The wreck lies in 65 ft of water with the crow’s nest at 35 ft.  The vessel was purposely sunk on August 7, 2019 and joins our many other BVI wrecks such as the RMS Rhone and Kodiak Queen.  $5 donations are recommended for those that dive the wreck to go towards BVI kid’s swim programs.


Photos courtesy of Beyond the Reef