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Offering the most experienced and best equipped scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands – Dive BVI is your best choice for diving, snorkeling, and day trip experiences! From private SCUBA instruction to a fun-filled day on the water with all of your friends, Dive BVI will deliver the white glove service you deserve on your hard earned Caribbean vacation.  We’ve spent the last 45 years perfecting the BVI Boat Day!  Stop in and visit with our team of friendly, experienced professionals and let’s work together to plan a day that will take your breath away!

Virgin Gorda, BVI

Dive with us in the


From the winding canyons of Painted Walls to the famous wreck of the RMS Rhone, you are sure to find what you have been looking for in scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands.  Top Wrecks, Top Snorkeling, and Top Beginner Diving awards 7 consecutive years show that the word has gotten out to the rest of the world about our fantastic islands.  Our diving is best described as an underwater nature hike, and our professional guides will show you the way (and identify lots of cool fish, invertebrates, and more).  There are over 17 wrecks to explore, numerous canyons and swim-throughs, heck, we even have a few pinnacles thrown in for good measure.  We do our best to pick the best sites daily based on weather and water conditions.  Trust me, our crew enjoy diving/snorkeling as much as you do so they do their best to find the site that will excite and fuel your passion for exploring.

Scuba Courses & Training


With our variety of class times and course fees, you can pick what fits your schedule and budget. We offer personalized training and practice time to make sure you are truly comfortable with the skills and equipment you need underwater. The SSI Open Water Diver certification is recognized worldwide so your diving experiences will be limitless, just like your fun!  Our team of professional Instructors have a diverse background in diving, and can even offer courses in multiple languages.  With our SSI Digital Materials, you can do your Academics online or offline, in over 42 languages, and complete that part before you get here.  You’ll have more time available to get in the water and get comfortable with your new set of dive skills and train with a full-time Scuba Instructor who loves their job!

Flat day in BVI

Day Trips & Excursions with


Dive BVI Boat Trips offers something for everyone. Check out our array of day trips, flawlessly crafted for maximum BVI fun, or contact us about private charters, and we’ll help you customize the island day of your dreams.


From Dive BVI

Are you planning a cruise to the Caribbean? Cruise ships who stop in Tortola, BVI give guests the opportunity to
getting to dive bvi
With immaculate beaches, great diving, perfect sailing, and more, Virgin Gorda BVI offers the perfect getaway among ‘Nature’s Little Secret’;
BVI Weather
The British Virgin Islands are blessed with cool trade winds and warm blue water. Our average daily temps are 80

As TS Fiona pays us a visit, we’ll be closed at all Dive BVI locations on Saturday and Sunday (17th-18th). Please email for trip and reservation inquiries. info@divebvi.com
Thank you!
Dive BVI Team

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Capt. Steve is out on Sea Bandit and got captured on the SDB webcam! The guests are getting a little Rum & Relaxation at Soggy Dollar Bar this afternoon. They had it all to themselves today! #myoffice #whyisalltherumgone #divebvi @soggydollarbar @worldcat_boats ...

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Time to explore!!!! 🤿🫧🪸
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“Surface Interval” 🫧
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Off-Season Specials? YES PLEASE!! Get your Stay-cation on with us!
And check out all of the amazing deals and experiences in the @britishvirginis @bvi.staycation guide! 🤩


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🪸What world is this?! 🪸
These amazing images were shot with a UV light on a night dive - strange things! 🤩
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Join us at the Launch Party to be the first in on all the excitement! #GETWRECKED ☠️ #WRECKWEEK2023 ⚓️
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☀️💛🧡❤️ Shades of Orange are often as beautiful as our shades of Blue 💙💧🐠

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Nice sunset 🌅 whilst washing the boat down at the end of the day #ilovesunsets #lovelivinginthebvi @divebvi
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💓Celebrate Women’s Dive Day 🤿
The ocean is a woman turned to the skies,
spilling her thoughts along a shoreline of sand.
You will never know what hides behind her eyes
by skimming the surface and reaching dry land.

Her soul is silent and runs deeper than deep.
O! How silent and deep her rivulets run!
Her whispers will charm you and lull you to sleep.
Let silence enter and the two shall be one.

Her coral cathedrals give pause to the brave
so eager to dive into the depths of youth.
She hides, yet magnifies, the giver who gave
sweet pearls of wisdom and immutable truth.

The ocean is a woman walking on waves,
wrapped in wind-song between heaven and the shore,
lightly tiptoeing over watery graves
buried deep where the sunlight can reach no more.

She tosses to turn; and she rises to fall,
undulating with her ubiquitous hips.
She dances on decks, over promenades all.
She is the sepulchre of a thousand ships.

Deep in her depths, the ocean is listening;
and my heart is haunted by love for the sea.
Waves are rippling; twilight is glistening.
The ocean is a woman and she is me.
-Linda Marie Van Tassell
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Virgin Islands Is Dropping Covid Test Entry Requirements

Effective Friday, July 15 persons traveling to the Virgin Islands will no longer be required to present a negative COVID test to gain entry.
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There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this 💙
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Water’s nice! 💦
It’s time to join us! Checkout this smooth flight into Beef Island 🛬
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Happy Virgin Islands Day!

Virgin Islands Day is a holiday that’s observed in the British Virgin Islands on the 1st Monday of July annually. This holiday has been celebrated since the mid-1950s and was previously known as Territory Day. This is a day that commemorates island culture and a recognition that the Virgin Islands have a distinct culture and history from the rest of the Caribbean.

Since the 17th century, the British Virgin Islands were under British control. During the 19th century, the British Virgin Islands became a part of the Federation of the Leeward Islands which included other British colonies in the Caribbean. In 1956, this federation was dissolved and the Virgin Islands became a colony. This is when Colony Day was created.

During the 60s, as other colonies began to move towards independence, the classification of the Virgin Islands was changed from a colony to a territory. The 1978 Public Holiday Act would then amend the holiday calendar so that Territory Day replaced Colony Day.

In 2020, the British Virgin Islands Holidays Review Committee recommended that the name of this holiday be changed to Virgin Islands Day. This happened on December 2nd of that year. Although the official name of this holiday is now Virgin Islands Day, it’s still referred to by many people as Territory Day.
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Text Source: HolidaysCalendar.com

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Happy 4th of July to our American friends! 🇺🇸
Have a safe and spectacular day! 🎇🧨🎆
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Spectacular art by @laurazazanis - HZO Art 🇺🇸

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Hey! It’s Friday! 🤩
Wishing our fishy-fam a great weekend!

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The queen parrotfish is a medium sized parrotfish that lives on coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea and its adjacent waters. The parrotfishes are named for their powerful beaks, formed from the fusing of the teeth into biting plates. The largest queen parrotfish are brightly colored (blue, green, orange, etc.), and the species gets its name from a series of markings on the head, above the eye, that resemble a crown. Juveniles and young adults are a somewhat drab, brownish color.

Queen parrotfish are herbivores that graze the reef, using their beaks to scrape plants and algae from the reef surface. Oftentimes, this habit involves ingesting corals and other animals as well, but they are primarily herbivorous. Through their feeding strategies, parrotfishes create much of the sand around a reef. Upon eating some species of calcareous algae, parrotfishes digest the soft parts and pass the hard parts, which essentially take the form of sand. Through their constant grazing, queen parrotfish serve an important ecological function on coral reefs. By removing algae, they open up space on hard surfaces for corals to attach and grow.
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Credit: @arturotellethiemann

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Sometimes ya gotta get down🔻 to pick yourself up 🔺
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Cruise Passengers

Are you planning a cruise to the Caribbean? Cruise ships who stop in Tortola, BVI give guests the opportunity to dive or snorkel with us! Dive the Wreck of the RMS Rhone! Private Charter a boat! Arrangements must be made in advance directly through Dive BVI. 8 guests minimum per trip. Contact Us!

Getting Here!

With immaculate beaches, great diving, perfect sailing, and more, Virgin Gorda BVI offers the perfect getaway among ‘Nature’s Little Secret’; even better, you won’t find large throngs of tourists because getting here is a bit more adventurous than the usual group of tourists want to sort out (no direct flights from the USA, Canada, Europe or South America to the Terrence B. Lettsome Airport / EIS, our main hub). We’re just fine with that! Please remember that every person returning to the USA needs a valid passport for entry. Check out the following information and let us know if you […]

BVI Weather

The British Virgin Islands are blessed with cool trade winds and warm blue water. Our average daily temps are 80 – 86 F. At night, the temperature drops about 10 degrees. For the water lovers, January water temp is 76, March gets you 80, and it’s 83 in July. Late August can be around 85 F. It’s a good idea to bring a light jacket or long sleeved t-shirt for the evening hours as it does cool off a bit.  Reef-safe sunscreen is essential and we have a large selection in all of our stores to choose from. A hat […]