September 1, 2018

Our team is taking a much needed break for the next few weeks so we will be closed at our Virgin Gorda location until Oct. 15th, 2018.

Dive BVI Hours of Operation:

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour –  Diving/trips upon request.  3 Divers Minimum/6 snorkelers minimum required for trips to go out.

Scrub Island Resort location is currently open 8 am – 5 pm Mon-Fri, airfills are NOT available until October 21.

Leverick Bay – We have closed this location and will not be returning after almost 25 years there.  Our entire equipment building, tanks, compressor and gear were blown away during Irma.

You can reach us via local BVI at 284-495-5513 and 284-541-9818 via Whatsapp.  We are able to offer Airfills at both locations, $10/tank.  Please remember we still need to see proof of certification for that.

We’ve survived catastrophic times before – Irma has raised the bar but we’ll meet the challenge and overcome. Our passion is our strength. Dive BVI Ltd is in business!

Casey, Jeff, Jim & the Dive BVI Team who makes it happen