The eCCR (electronic closed circuit rebreather) is the most advanced, cutting edge, diving system available for underwater exploration. It rivals the astronaut’s primary life support system in sophistication, and shares much of the same technology. The eCCR recirculates and conditions the on board gas supply, extending dive times far beyond those of traditional scuba divers. In addition, there are no bubbles and noise associated with open circuit scuba.

Learn how rebreathers work and how eCCR divers can remain underwater longer. Discover how they enable divers to closely approach marine life to interact, to take video and photographs, stay warmer and make observations that would otherwise be missed by divers on open circuit scuba. Once you’ve gone Silent, you’ll hear what you’ve been missing!

Our SSI Poseidon eCCR Rebreather Diver program includes:

  • Learning about Poseidon MK VI Rebreather and design
  • Pre-dive assembly & diagnostics
  • Post-dive care & cleaning
  • Rebreather support systems and gear requirements
  • Overview of eCCR exploration techniques and procedures
  • Unique rebreather diving opportunities (photo/video, wrecks)

Prerequisites for eCCR Rebreather in open water:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Enriched Air Diver
  • Medical Questionnaire
  • At least 18 years of age.

Try CCR Session

Not sure what diving a Rebreather feels like?

Dive BVI is proud to be the first and only dive center in the Virgin Islands to offer Try CCR sessions on the Poseidon MK VI CCR. Utilizing a 2:1 student to instructor ratio, you’ll get lots of time to practice in the water and get comfortable on the unit under that watchful eyes of a professional SSI Rebreather Instructor. We’ll go over basic rebreather functions and setup as well as quick history of the development of these units. Our Try CCR sessions are set up with two pathways:

  1. Try CCR – Pool Only $250 per person
  2. Try CCR – Pool and Open Water Dive $350 per person

Upon completion of these experiences, you can continue on unto our full Rebreather certification program or just continue on as a Try CCR diver with our team. We’ll have loads of fun either way!

As this is a semi-private course, reservations are a must. Please contact or call 1-800-848-7078 to set up your class dates.

SSI Poseidon CCR Instructor Course

Are you an SSI Instructor and looking to get into Rebreathers? Our SSI Poseidon CCR Instructor course is designed to get you ready to dive, teach and explore! We’ll spend time learning the systems of the MK VI Discovery, building the units, and then hit the pool for some practical training. You will be working hand in hand with other SSI Dive Professionals during the program and completing your Open Water Dives from our custom dive boats. Be on the cutting edge of where diving is headed – get started today!