A full day exploring Virgin Gorda visiting our most famous natural attraction: The Baths

$125 adults/ $115 Kids 4-11 / $105 kids 3 & under (Exclusive to Scrub Island Resort)


A fun morning of snorkeling at two sites and an afternoon at Jost Van Dyke, with a lunch stop at the Famous Willy-T floating Bar & Restaurant

$150 adults (must be 16 or older)


A full day of fun! Diving or snorkeling in the BVI, with a lunch break at Cooper Island Beach Club.

$180 Diver/ $125 Snorkeler


Enjoy a day of exploring culinary treats and a beautiful beach at White Bay on Jost Van Dyke. No Snorkeling on this trip, but you will be swimming ashore!

$125 per person

“Great Experience with Dive BVI”

My wife and I booked a two tank dive with Dive BVI and were very excited to go. I’ve been diving for a decade and my wife had only completed her checkout dives, so I was excited for her to experience a more interesting dive trip. We went out with Rupert and Becca and had the best dive boat experience I’ve ever had. They were both incredibly knowledgeable and safe, made the whole dive experience absolutely amazing for my wife and me, and helped take away and of the stress and anxiety my wife was feeling regarding her dives. They were patient and professional and I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience.

Visited February 2020

“Island Hopper”

Great combo of snorkeling and wet bar hopping…awesome way to get to Willy T’s and the Soggy Dollar/rest of the White Bay experience. Two good snorkel sites included…the north end of Cooper Island and the Indians off of Norman Is.

First caveat – you can’t anchor at the Indians. On our trip the buoys were all occupied, so we flexed to the Treasure Caves…a luck of the draw issue. The sea life at both locations was varied and interesting.

Steve was our captain, and did a terrific job of spotting some of the harder to find things and helping us see some of the more elusive sea life – a flight of squid and a flounder blending in with the bottom most of us would have been oblivious to.

Willy T’s and White Bay…hmm. Lets just say a minor touch of hedonism has it’s attraction and leave it at that. Indulge at your own peril.

Visited February 2020

Sea Bandit on charter

All trips depart Virgin Gorda at 9:00am; Scrub Island 9:30am. Included: on-board refreshments & beverages, National Park and Cruising fees, and snorkel equipment. Not included: scuba gear rental, off-board purchases, lunch and crew gratuity.

All trips schedules & destinations are subject to change if weather and sea conditions affect guests’ safety & enjoyment.

And here we are folks! Getting back to business with fresh paint, upholstery, equipment, and more! We have missed you and we’re ready to see you again soon!
Check out Sea Bandits brand new upholstery! She’s ready to take you out for the best time in the BVI! Book your day trip, Island Hopper and Dive Trips now! Operators are standing by 😉☎️
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🍁 Fall in the BVI! 🍁
Thanks for the video@stellamendo ☀️
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Join us next Saturday for a day trip to Cooper Island Beach Club for their Rum Fest! Spaces limited, contact us to book🍹

Book your ferry over to Cooper Islands RumFest this Saturday, 12th November. Limited seating!

Tortola (Village Cay) to Cooper Island departs 11:30am returns back 5:30pm - $35 round ticket
(Bookings required to secure your spot - limited seating)
Book at or +1 284 343 4949

Sail Caribbean Divers
Tortola (Hodges Creek) to Cooper Island departs 8:00am returns back 5pm - $30 round ticket
(Bookings required to secure your spot - limited seating)
Book at or +1 284 541 3483

Virgin Gorda (Spanish Town) to Cooper Island departs 11am returns back 5:30pm - $50 Round Ticket($40 Resident)
(Bookings required to secure your spot - limited seating)
Book at or +1 284 541 9818

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And now you know!!! “Butt Lungs” 😳
#Repost @waterlust
Yes and yes, sea cucumbers are animals and breathe out of their butts.

It’s a sea cucumber special this week for #whereintheworldwednesday !

Sea cucumbers may be the most unassuming yet fascinating animals! They look like a plant and are named after cucumbers, but they are actually animals! They are echinoderms, the same as starfish and sea urchins!

Aside from butt breathing, another fun fact is that they will expel their organs at predators! And they can just grow back any organs that were lost.

What curious little creatures!

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As TS Fiona pays us a visit, we’ll be closed at all Dive BVI locations on Saturday and Sunday (17th-18th). Please email for trip and reservation inquiries.
Thank you!
Dive BVI Team

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Capt. Steve is out on Sea Bandit and got captured on the SDB webcam! The guests are getting a little Rum & Relaxation at Soggy Dollar Bar this afternoon. They had it all to themselves today! #myoffice #whyisalltherumgone #divebvi @soggydollarbar @worldcat_boats ...

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Time to explore!!!! 🤿🫧🪸
Join us for daily trips from @scrubisland_bvi #divebvi #divetrip #diveboat #britishvirginislands #getdown #underthesea #scuba #scubalife

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“Surface Interval” 🫧
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Off-Season Specials? YES PLEASE!! Get your Stay-cation on with us!
And check out all of the amazing deals and experiences in the @britishvirginis @bvi.staycation guide! 🤩

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🪸What world is this?! 🪸
These amazing images were shot with a UV light on a night dive - strange things! 🤩
#upsidedown #blacklight #nightdive #coral #fluorescent #strangerthings #divebvi #scubalife #nightdiver

🎥: @_eyeofnature_

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Join us at the Launch Party to be the first in on all the excitement! #GETWRECKED ☠️ #WRECKWEEK2023 ⚓️
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☀️💛🧡❤️ Shades of Orange are often as beautiful as our shades of Blue 💙💧🐠

#Repost @lordraven173
Nice sunset 🌅 whilst washing the boat down at the end of the day #ilovesunsets #lovelivinginthebvi @divebvi
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💓Celebrate Women’s Dive Day 🤿
The ocean is a woman turned to the skies,
spilling her thoughts along a shoreline of sand.
You will never know what hides behind her eyes
by skimming the surface and reaching dry land.

Her soul is silent and runs deeper than deep.
O! How silent and deep her rivulets run!
Her whispers will charm you and lull you to sleep.
Let silence enter and the two shall be one.

Her coral cathedrals give pause to the brave
so eager to dive into the depths of youth.
She hides, yet magnifies, the giver who gave
sweet pearls of wisdom and immutable truth.

The ocean is a woman walking on waves,
wrapped in wind-song between heaven and the shore,
lightly tiptoeing over watery graves
buried deep where the sunlight can reach no more.

She tosses to turn; and she rises to fall,
undulating with her ubiquitous hips.
She dances on decks, over promenades all.
She is the sepulchre of a thousand ships.

Deep in her depths, the ocean is listening;
and my heart is haunted by love for the sea.
Waves are rippling; twilight is glistening.
The ocean is a woman and she is me.
-Linda Marie Van Tassell
#internationalwomensdiveday #womensdiveday #scubagirl #womenwhodive #paditv #divessi #girlsrock #divedeeper #womenbelong #supportwomen #motherocean

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Virgin Islands Is Dropping Covid Test Entry Requirements

Effective Friday, July 15 persons traveling to the Virgin Islands will no longer be required to present a negative COVID test to gain entry.
#update #travelnews #covid #bvigovernment

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There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this 💙
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📸: @_eyeofnature_

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